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Spicing Things Up

Since the beginning, Simply Good Kitchen chefs Bill and Shanny Apodaca have poured their hearts and souls into every dish. What began as a hand-dipped cookie business has evolved into a cooking school and now, a gourmet kitchen offering take-out delicacies. Over the years, SGK has grown, adapted and served its customers the unique and delicious chef-prepared foods its community loves. It has always been a recipe for success, but now there’s something new on the menu.

Meet Chef Daniel Wasmund

Chef Danny has proven cooking truly runs in the family. As the nephew of former owners Bill & Shanny Apodaca, Danny has been around Simply Good Kitchen a good part of his life. He began his culinary career as a dishwasher, but quickly took on sous chef duties from peeling and slicing vegetables to butchering and fabricating meats. As his cooking skills and interest advanced, Danny enrolled in and completed the Culinary Arts program at Oakland Community College. At graduation, chef Doug Ganhs presented him with his diploma and announced that Danny had secured a job at the esteemed Michael Symon’s Roast restaurant in Detroit, Michigan. Working under Chef Andy Holiday at Roast, Danny honed his skills and in 2013, made the decision to return to SGK as Sous Chef. A few years in, Chef Danny decided to take on a new role: owner. Today, he carries on the SGK torch and continues to keep customers happy in a place “where something good is always cooking.”

Daniel Wasmund


Love people and cook them tasty food! XO

The Original Recipe

Bill Apodaca


Don’t be afraid of salt….season your food!! We prefer Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt.

Shanny Apodaca


“Fat is flavor! Let it rest!”, before cutting into an animal protein, let it rest, uncovered, 8 minutes per pound.

How it started: Read Bill & Shanny’s Story

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